Toxic Texan deeply in debt

The Toxic Texan, the world’s greatest polluter George W. Bush, is deeply in debt. It transpires that the US president has yet to pay two million dollars in legal bills to the lawyers who handed him the election. It will be remembered that the citizens of the USA did not vote US President George Bush into office – it was the skill of the lawyers in the county of Florida, whose governor is Bush’s brother, Jeb and the behind-the-scenes influence of Richard Cheney, also known as Dick. According to Newsweek magazine, the Toxic Texan’s presidential campaign still owes 2 million USD to lawyers in Florida. Given that 8 million dollars have already been paid, the claim by Florida lawyers for a settlement of the payment puts into perspective the massive legal cost incurred by a person buying himself the presidency of the USA. Daryl Bristow, of the Texas law firm Baker Botts, states “We are all kind of waiting, to see if we get paid or not”. The Bush administration is handling the situation with characteristic arrogance. “I have absolutely no desire to talk about it. Recount’s over. Go away!” said Benjamin Ginsberg, George Bush’s campaign lawyer. Another unnamed official stated that “What you’ve got here is a bunch of rich lawyers belly-aching. Yet these guys got huge in-kind contributions to their reputations over this”. Reading between the lines, we see yet another case of the Toxic Texan making agreements when it suits him, and then reneging on the protocols previously agreed to, such as Kyoto, for example.


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Author`s name Editorial Team