Foot and mouth disease: more cases in humans

Hundreds of people are calling health officials in the UK claiming that they have foot and mouth disease. While many of these cases will prove to be no more than panic attacks, there are now three suspected cases of the human variant of foot and mouth disease in the United Kingdom. The first victim, in Cumbria, in the north of the country, was reported two days ago. He was involved in transporting cow carcasses to funeral pyres to be burnt. It is believed that he was infected when he was transporting a rotting carcass. Now it is reported that there are two more cases. They are not from the same region but the health authorities are not divulging any further information. Hundreds of people are reported to have called health officials claiming to have the disease. The symptoms are ulcers on the hands, feet and mouth, accompanied by a high temperature. The disease is not fatal among humans and full recovery is achieved after five days.


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