Tired of presence in Balkans, NATO army generals invoke Vietnam as an excluse to leave

Predictably, NATO military leaderships are beginning to show nervousness at being in the Balkans. A senior British Military source said: “Vietnam is a good analogy. There’s no way we can win. We’ll just end up in the middle of it until the politicians finally sort it out”. The British Army Chiefs of Staff are drawing up plans for a drastic reduction of Britain’s 5,500 troops in the Balkans, claiming that it is time for other countries to take over their peace-keeping role. The White House has also been reported recently to have referred to the danger that US troops could become engaged in a stagnant situation, like Vietnam, a situation the White House does not want. The Pentagon is also said to be planning withdrawals. Neither the British nor the American Armies want to be caught up in another Balkans war and as Pravda.Ru predicted, the first instinct of NATO is to run, when they cannot bomb targets from ever-increasing heights. The feeling in the British Army was summed up by a senior general, who stated that Britain feels it has done more than enough in the Balkans and that it is time another NATO country took over its positions, although it was also confirmed that there are no official plans at present for an immediate withdrawal.


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