USA national security advisor Condoleeza Rice speaks out against Russia in interview to "Figaro magazine"

“I believe that Russia is a threat to the West in general and to our European allies in particular”. The new US National Security Advisor, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, has broken the silence which shrouded the first three weeks or so of her tenure of office. Not surprisingly, the tone and content of her discourse smacks of ignorance and sensationalism, and unfortunately quite predictably, her approach is exactly what was foreseen in Pravda.Ru’s pages many months ago…offensive arrogance, outdated notions of superiority, imperialist fantasies and proof of a total ineptitude for the post in which George Bush has placed her. The interview which this lady has given to “Figaro magazine” reads like a boring essay from a child who has been given too much responsibility and whose only resources of communication are a stereotyped reiteration of standard catch-phrases belonging to yesteryear. There are a number of absolute clangers in this interview, setting the scene for what one hopes is a brief tenure of office, hopefully for Mr. Bush to choose better the next time around. Condoleeza Rice had been surprisingly quiet until now but she surprises nobody in her first publicised interview. She was probably allowing pressure to build up before she let rip with some amazing examples of the epitome of the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. “I never approved of the Clinton policy on Russia…and the maintaining of aid to Moscow during this period when everyone knows that corruption and criminality were corroding the system (sic)”. The USA, a country in which mafia gangs and criminal association apparently do not operate, would obviously be curious to know what this lady is saying. However, it gets worse : “My forecast is that Russia will approach the Arab nations more and more”… maybe this lady will offer her services as a mediator between the Russian Federation and Chechnya, if indeed she knows where it is. Better still comes the following statement, a brilliant example of idiocy, crass stupidity and total incompetence…3…2….1….0 “I really believe that Russia is a threat to the West in general and to our European allies in particular (sic)”. One wonders whether it is her who is speaking or her boss, Mr. Bush… “I am convinced that, in our relations with Moscow, we should give priority to security issues, beginning with nuclear disarmament. The question of economic and political reforms comes later (sic)”. Given that her country is the only one to have so far used nuclear weapons, this last statement seems at least a trifle ironical. In an incredible and confused attempt to gain a minimum of political credibility, the same lady goes on to state that: “I naturally consider Russia as a partner and see it as an ally, but I also know that there are certain ideas in the Kremlin that will enter into conflict with ours (sic)”. Condoleeza Rice is the National Security Advisor to the President of the United States of America, George “W” Bush.