Shamil Basayev sends an open letter to Palestinians. He calls them betrayers and hypocrites

Shamil Basayev sent an open letter to the Organisation of Palestine Liberalisation. In the letter he called the leaders of the Organisation hypocrites, and betrayers of Muslims interests who have chosen “pepsi” instead of Dzhikhad. Basayev claims that if the Organisation doesn’t make for Palestine’s liberalisation, he will go in for it. Shamil Basayev anger was caused by the statement of the ambassador in Russia Khairi al Oridi: “Chechnya is a part of Russia. The Chechen problem is its internal affair. We consider Khattab as a betrayer of Muslims interests, because he does damage to Russia, which is used to be Arabs’ ally. It is advantageous to our worst enemy – Israel”. Shamil Basayev writes in response: Firstly: we declare that you (the leaders of the Organisation of Palestine Liberalisation) are hypocrites<…> Secondly: we consider you as betrayers of Muslims interests who sat down at a bargaining table with our “worst enemy”, wittingly leading its people to a deadlock and legalising aggressive policy of Israel. Thirdly: we regard Palestine’s and Al Kuds’s problem as a matter of all the Islam Umma, but not as a problem of Palestinians or Arabs in general. You can feign that you negotiate as much as you like but we declare officially that we don’t admit anything conflicting with Shariat on this question. Palestine and Al Kuds are not your private property, but a property and a sacred object of all the Muslims. If you can’t or don’t want to settle the problem in conformity with Shariat – don’t interfere! Make way for young people, otherwise you will be stained and crushed. The new generation chose Dzikhad, but not “pepsi”! The new generation is not divided in tribes, unlike you are. And the new generation will restore Islam Khalifat with its capital in Al Kuds, Inshaallahk!”

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