Indoctrination of Violence: Homicide Bombers Invade the Free World

This is a great picture. Great news photography does not have to portray the best of circumstances; it just needs to present an idea. This deeply moving picture of a young Arab girl and her father explains much of the hate that is so deeply seated in the Islamic psyche. The link between bloodshed, violence, and intimidation is well documented in Islam, but here we see it- again.

The interesting thing about this picture is that it is taken in Berlin, in the relative freedom of Western Europe. Experts, for quite some time, have wondered when the exclusively Middle Eastern phenomena of homicide bombings will be exported to the civilized world. There have been a few isolated cases, most notably the horrific attacks on September 11th, but for the most part, it is isolated in the Middle East and countries with a hard-line Islamic population.

The only reason that the world’s attention has been called to the West Bank is because of the continued homicide bombings that plague the Israeli people. If the terrorists are appeased, it will send a powerful message that terrorism works. It will be viewed not only as an acceptable form of getting your views footed on the world’s soapbox, but as a method of accomplishment. Will we have homicide bombings over the fact that Arabs wish to be subjected to Islamic law and not to civil law? That has already happened in Nigeria, but it could easily happen in France, England, or the United States. Will there be (more) attacks on our nations, this time from it’s our “nationals” demanding action on some issue?

Think of the injustice that the civilized world would send this poor little girl if we were to condone terror’s actions. An entire generation is being tossed to the wolves as terrorism gets and holds the world’s attention. Terrorism needs to be front and center as the United States and Israel destroy those who sponsor and export it. It is moot to say that the sweet faced girl will be a homicide bomber of tomorrow, that has long passed us by.

In a separate issue, the photo is an excellent example of how Yassir Arafat uses religious imagery to incite hate among his people. He is playing them like a harp. His argument is not much more than the occupation of a people who, after starting numerous wars against Israel, are perpetually on the losing side. Why do I have the feeling that Yassir Arafat was quaking like a leaf when the IDF was entering his compound. A running nightmare for him is getting captured and being held accountable by a nation that is fed up with the actions of his network of terror.

The countries of the European Union are debating economic sanctions against Israel. Germany has already halted shipments of military spare parts until they can “reevaluate” Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Why? Europe is scared of the behavior in this picture. The EU, using an infamous tactic known as Nevillism (also known as “appeasement”), hopes to placate violence on the Arab Street by condemning Israel rather than condemning terrorism. If you need to be reminded, Neville Chamberlain spent most of his time in the office of Prime Minister of England, continually appeasing Adolph Hitler hoping the growing problem would go away with out a fight. We all know that this did nothing outside allowing the Nazis to gain power to the point that they completely over ran Europe, Eastern Russia and Northern Africa, and most importantly allowing the implementation of the final solution.

Again Europe is taking the easy line of appeasement. Now is not the time to be soft with terror. Will we have homicide bombings here in the United States? Some say that it is just a matter of time. When we see behavior like this, one has to wonder.

Stephen A. McDonald

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