The state of Israel was founded on the Holocaust myth

April 9 was a memorial day for the victims of the Holocaust. “Holocaust” means “burnt-offering,” as translated from the ancient Greek language. The Nazis were trying to destroy Jews as a nation, sending them to concentration camps, gas chambers, and performing mass executions by shootings. Fascists reportedly killed about six million Jews during the years of the World War II. Why does this memorial day fall on April 9th? This was the day when prisoners rebelled in the Warsaw ghetto, but the prisoners were not only Jews by the way. Fifty-six thousand people were killed when the fascists suppressed the rebellion.

Alla Gerber, the president of the Holocaust fund, remembers the following: “I know that my grandmother from Kiev did not have enough energy to get into the ghetto in the city of Odessa. She fell down and was shot. I know that the family of my other grandmother from Kiev was killed in Babiy Yar. I remember this, and I always will. I will never be able to forget this, because I do not want this to repeat again (Babiy Yar is a settlement on the outskirts of Kiev.) Thirty-five thousand Jews were shot in that village in 1941, and some 200-thousand civilians and prisoners were killed there during 1941-1943).

The Russian Jewish Congress distributed a statement today, in which the following was said: “Paying tribute to the six million Jews who were killed in the fire of the World War II, we cannot separate the tragic events of sixty years ago from what is going on with Jews and the Jewish state. The Nazi genocide, from which many Jews suffered in the twentieth century, is not comparable with the current events in the Middle East. When anti-Semites raise their heads in “the tolerant Europe,” when skinheads are active in Russia, and when blood is being shed in the Middle East, we remember and mourn the millions of people who were killed just because for being different from their murderers.”

What can be noticed about the Jews of the whole world is their unity and solidarity, which they have exercised throughout history. It seems that any unbiased observer can see the aggressiveness of the current Tel Aviv policy (of the policy since 1967, to be more precise) against the Palestinian autonomy and other countries of the Arab world. However, this is not the way that the Jews think. Moreover, the congress draws a parallel between the elimination of Jews of the past and their “genocide” today, allegedly, with the consent of the international community.

This is an overwhelming feeling of offence for the whole world. The feeling that “everybody owes something to me,” is a peculiar feature of the Jewish national character. This feature dictates a certain stereotype of behavior: each Jew enjoys the full rights of being a citizen of Israel, even if this Jew lives in Zimbabwe or East Timor.

Speaking about the Holocaust of the World War II, the latest research that has been conducted by scientists of different countries regarding the mass genocide against Jews and the real number of victims, testifies to multiple and unjustified exaggerations and distortions of the real events.

There was a conference in Moscow devoted to the global problems of world history. One of the reporters said at the conference that, after performing a special electromagnetic examination of the “mass burial” in two camps (Treblinka and Belsits), it became known that the “official version” of the burial could not withstand any criticism: the soil could not be influenced with any external effect, ect.

It should also be mentioned here that the adversaries of the Holocaust (or revisionists, as they are often called), do not try to prove it to the world that Jews were not persecuted in National-Socialist Germany, or that there were no losses among the Jewish nation during the war. It goes about the fact that Nazis were eliminating not only Jews. They were running the genocide policy against Gypsies, the Slavs, and other representatives of lower races. There is no other nation in the world that has suffered so much during the war, as the people of Belarus did. But everyone is silent about it.

Valery Lebedev, who read The Myth of the Holocaust, said: “When I found out that the furnaces in the crematoriums of the fascist camps were muffle, and the Zyclone-B gas was insecticide (insect poison), that was enough for me. Those readers who do not know much of chemistry, may not understand anything here, but I know what muffle is, since I have worked in the gas industry. I even feel shame for myself. Why didn't I pay attention to that stupid Zyclone-B gas that was evolving from granules within two hours? There was no killing of Jews in gas chambers of the Nazi camps, since there were no chambers there. The bombing of Germany and the evacuation of the camps blocked German supplies; the people there were starving, but the main thing is that there was the outburst of typhus epidemics in the camps. Lice spread this illness, and the Germans were disinsecting their clothes with Zyclone-B insecticide. Cans were found in Auschwitz, and they passed them off as the weapon that killed the Jews.”

Revisionists calculate that there were some 150-thousand Jews who died in Auschwitz, and no one was killed with gas there. The major reason of such a huge death rate was typhus epidemics.

Of course, it is impossible to cover the whole issue in a newspaper article. However, the fact that discussing different versions of the Holocaust is illegal in many European countries speaks to the relevance of this issue. First, the state of Israel appeared on the basis of the Holocaust myth. The world would never have allowed Israel to exist without this myth, since it appeared during the times of global decolonization. Britain made up with the independence of India, and dozens of territories were doing their best to cast off the yoke of the White man. The colonial intrigue of the Jews in the Middle East was carried out in a very brutal way: the massacres, the destruction of numerous Arab villages, and expelling a large part of the Palestinian population from the lands of their ancestors. The international community is coming to grips with all of this. At the end of the day, the Jewish nation that suffered so much from the Holocaust was in need of its own fatherland that could protect it from genocide. Can the struggle of the Palestinians be compared with what Jews had to go through under Hitler?

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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