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Kamaz Keeps Increasing Its Export Rate

The Kama Automobile Factory has supplied 2,500 trucks to foreign consumers over the 9 months of the current year, said deputy general manager of Kamaz Nail Galiullin. Currently the factory's export supply schedule is advanced by 350 trucks. Fulfilling the present orders will increase export rates to approximately 4,000 trucks by the end of the year. According to Kamaz's export manager Yevgeny Pronin, firms from 230 countries are cooperating with the factory. Sales are most successful in South-Eastern Asia - over 1,000 trucks have been delivered there this year. Kamaz's portfolio has 4,000-trucks orders for Iraq to be carried out during two years in the framework of the UN Oil for Food programme. Cooperation with the United Arab Emirates' state authorities has been a touchstone for expansion of Kamaz trucks export to the Middle East. The first 200 2-axes Kamaz trucks have already been delivered there.