Andrey Krushinsky: The Treaty has been ratified, the book has been approved

The session of the constant committee of the All-Chinese assembly of people’s representatives has just ratified the treaty about the neighborly relations, friendship and cooperation between China and Russia. At the same time there was another event worth mentioning. The first ever collection of scientific research materials devoted to the issue of Russian and Chinese relations was published by the Russian authors in the Chinese language.

The bilateral inter-state treaty and the book, which was published by means of cooperation also, are two different things, but they were synchronized in a surprising way; the book was perceived as a commentary to the treaty.

This double synchronization is just a coincidence. The idea of the book was ahead of the idea of the treaty. It was born three or four years ago at Xinhua – the Chinese news agency. The point was as follows: let the Russian scientists release a book on that subject in Chinese and the Chinese scientists – in Russian. The latter however, did not prepare any kind of publication. The Russian book was of course translated by the Chinese and the book was printed in China. The presentation of the book was a success.

According to the Russian editor of the book, the authors of the book represented two points of view, different concepts regarding the relations of the neighboring states and the Chinese side did not make any censorship when translating the Russian text.

One of the most important problems, which limits the Russian and Chinese relations is the lack of confidence. Its is shown in all fields – in commerce, in the diplomatic field, in the border issues and so on. The lack of confidence may prevent from realization of the best intentions and documents, including the treaty on neighborly relations, friendship and cooperation. The book that has just been released is very helpful to make the confidence between Russia and China grow; it is a great contribution to realization of the ratified Chinese-Russian treaty.

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing

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