Signs of discontent in US population

Although the Unites States’ administration continues to enjoy massive support, there are clear signs that preoccupation and discontent are beginning to unsettle the people of the USA.

A public opinion poll conducted by the New York Times/CBS news revealed that the approval rate for President Bush is 87%, a figure which has been rising steadily since September 11th as the President of the USA comes across on TV as a man concerned, interested and involved, vulnerable yet responsible, under attack yet determined, thus capturing the spirit of the nation’s populous East coast.

However, the results of the poll show that the population sample questioned are worried about whether the government is taking enough measures to forestall any future terrorist attacks. More than half the people questioned (1,024 adults, margin of error guaranteed at 3%) declared that the state and country governments did not do enough to provide protection in the event of an attack with biological weapons.

Almost 50% of those questioned believe that the US administration is withholding information about the recent anthrax attacks, which they think should be made public.

53% believe that another terrorist attack is highly probable, against 46% one week ago and 36% at the beginning of October. Most of those questioned thought the form of the attack would be bio terrorism.

Only 25% believe that Osama Bin Laden will be captured and 30% are confident that the international alliance will hold together for more than a few weeks.

This survey was carried out before the Justice Secretary John Ashcroft warned that more terrorist attacks would be forthcoming during the next week.


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