Alexandr Gorobets: In Kiev, killers’ shots could be heard

Now, every week, famous murders take place in Kiev. Recently, the driver and security-guard of Ivan Plyusch and the chairman of the Supreme Rada were found dead. The police and the Public Prosecutor General’s Office declared that the drank poisoned vodka, so there are no signs of a violent death. One of the widows appeared in the press, stating she could identify her husband only thanks to his eyebrows: he was seriously disfigured. In just one week, First Deputy Chairman of Securities Committee Oleg Romashko was knifed and ,afterwards, shot by his killer in the doorway of his own house.

Yesterday, near to his house in Bogdan Khmelnitski Street in the very center of Kiev one more mastermind murder was carried out. The leader of the Kiev security firm “Rotos” was shot straightforward. The victim was immediately transported to the hospital. However, in spite of the prompt surgical operation, the young man soon died. The criminals attacked the firm’s director when he opened his Toyota Land Cruiser’s trunk. After shooting his victim (he had more than five wounds), the killer made a controlled shot to his head and then passed out sight. The spot was cordoned off and the investigation group questioned possible eye-witnesses. Kiev detectives have not found the gun yet. Now, the investigation group works on several versions of the murder. In particular, it could be settling scores among criminal authorities or a “financial” mastermind murder. Therefore, within three weeks, three mysterious murders have happened in Ukrainian capital; as a result, four people have died, though law-enforcers do not have any suspects.

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