Duma Deputy Konstantin Kosachev: Germany Forum Unlikely To Come Up With A Mechanism For Resolving Afghanistan Problem

It is barely possible that a conference on Afghanistan, which began in Konigswinter in Germany on Tuesday, will elaborate an efficient mechanism for resolving the problem of Afghanistan. This viewpoint was voiced in a interview by Konstantin Kosachev, first deputy chief of the faction Fatherland-All Russia and deputy chairman of the international committee at the State Duma. He said that "a cementing element should be public accord between all without exception ethnic groups of Afghanistan on the question of division and formation of power that is recognised domestically and in the world". Meeting of this goal is extremely difficult, more so within the framework of this forum, he believes. "With the start of the overland operation the West has actually lost the freedom of manoeuvre in shaping a political future for Afghanistan", said Kosachev. "With the dispersion of Taliban in the mountains and the start of a guerilla war Americans will have to do with the only claimant for power, the Northern Alliance". In Konstantin Kosachev's opinion, "the only candidature for the post of formal ruler of Afghanistan", on which the West has no particular differences, is former King Muhammed Zahir Shah. But the ex-monarch can only hope for the role of a nominal leader, noted Kosachev. Konstantin Kosachev is sure that the most probable and promising solution is the convening of a council of elders, which will form a cabinet on the broadest ethnic and political basis.