Andrei Krushinski: AIDS bomb for Asia

International AIDS day carried out on December 1 reminded Asian nations one more time that they have a more dangerous enemy than “international terrorism."

According to a UN report, the total number of HIV-infected people in the Asian Pacific region has already exceeded 7 million, of whom about one million caught the infection this year. According to official information, in China, there are already 600,000 infected people (one infected person of every 2,000 of Chinese population). In neighboring Thailand, there are 300,000 infected people (one infected person of every 200 people of Thailand’s population).

The so-called “plague of 20th century” is becoming more widespread in Thailand than a simple cold. AIDS is the most common reason for death in the country. This is the result of its “openness” to the outside world, of the flow of searchers for cheap sex-adventures and different lovers of sexual perversions from the “civilized community." “Sex-tourism” brought much “green paper” into Thailand’s treasury, which created illusions of economical development, but the existence of the whole nation is threatened with AIDS. However, Thailand’s neighbours, Cambodia, Vietnam, China - are overtaking it.

Andrei Krushinski

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