Svetlana Tarasova: Christmas informers can earn J500 with the help of drunk drivers in Britain

This is the first material of PRAVDA.Ru correspondent in London

The agitation campaign started in Great Britain, which asked the citizens to become informers for the police department on the threshold of Christmas.

Statistics showed that the number of drunk drivers and car accidents increases a lot during this period of time. The policemen called upon the citizens to inform on all the drunk people who decide to drive their cars in such a state as well as their names and car numbers. The system is not complicated: it is only enough to call the police and say this information and tell where the drunkard is at the moment.

If a drunk driver is detained, then an informer will receive J500 and no one will know his or her name.

As it usually happens, the majority of such messages comes from pubs, night clubs and restaurants. However, there is no statistics which show who provides the police with the information about the drunk drivers.

Svetlana Tarasova PRAVDA.Ru London

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov