Kamchatka Governor To Settle Debts To Power Companies

The Governor of Kamchatka Region is flying to Moscow, where he is planning to tackle the issue of long-term debts to the energy companies. In Moscow he has an appointment with the Vice Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko. The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Administration, beginning with January 1st, 2002, will be paying a monthly RUR160m to Kamchatskenergo company for power supplies, the Regional Administration's press service reports. The current liabilities of the municipal educational bodies to the energy enterprises amount to RUR1.016bl. The regional budget has no such money, the Governor said. The agreement signed by the Regional Administration, municipal bodies, Kamchatskenergo and RAO EES stipulates the Kamchatsk energy enterprises shall collect monthly the payments for heating and electric energy of as much as 110% of the norm to set off consumer debt. The agreement also stipulates that the energy supplies to the debtor companies shall be stopped should the there are any overdue payments, according to the RBC Far East Bureau.