Vladimir Putin Comes For Further Reform Of The Interior Ministry

Vladimir Putin has called the turning of interior ministry bodies into a full-fledged interior ministry capable of creating conditions for the normal, stable life of Russian society and for the economic activity of our citizens a strategic task. While speaking on Tuesday at an extended board of the Russian Interior Ministry, the president stressed that the power, "frontal" attack on the organised crime, drug trafficking, and corruption alone would not make a decisive result. According to Putin, scientists, including those who work in the Interior Ministry system, "should seriously study the phenomena of modern crime in the context of those changes which took place and continue taking place in the state and society." The President explained this by the fact that the roots of crime were in the "social sphere, in the economy, in the law enforcement procedure." The nutrient medium for crime, according to him, is the "grey" business, illegal migration, extremist groups and arbitrariness of bureaucrats.