Mikhail Nikolayev is "almost" the president of Yakutia republic

The President of the republic of Yakutia, Mikhail Nikolayev is making huge steps on the way for the third-time-presidency. Three supreme state bodies: the Central Electoral Committee, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court can not find a common language for Nikolayev’s case.

The imperfection of the Russian election legislation, its contradictory nature create the so-called collision of the right: the Supreme Court of the republic of Yakutia refers to the federal legislation, trying to solve the problem. But the Russian Federation Supreme Court relies on the regulations of the Yakutian Constitution.

One of the instances, mentioned above, namely the Russian Federation Supreme Court, put a full stop in this complicated case and stepped aside. The Constitutional Court of Russia did not take account of the issue of the Supreme Court of Yakutia, which was connected with the coming presidential elections in the republic.

The Supreme Court of Yakutia sent an inquiry to the Constitutional Court (it was received on November 12) and asked to check, if Article 67 of the Constitution of the republic was legal. This article says: no one can be elected president more than twice.

The today’s decision of the Constitutional Court means that Nikolayev can keep his presidential position for the third period. The supreme Court of Yakutia is in a very difficult position: either to consider Nikolayev’s registration as a candidacy, running for presidency legal, or to send an inquiry to the Russian Federation Constitutional Court. The time is working in Nikolayev’s favour now, no matter what decision will be made by the Russian Federation Supreme Court.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov