Mullah Omar caused to quarrel among Pashtun

“The Taliban’s movement and government no long exist,” – said today Afghan acting government’s head Hamid Karzai to Quatar TV channel Al-Jazeera. After Khandahar’s downfall, this can be said for sure. The movement does not exist, though its leaders are still alive, they are at freedom, so they can any moment revive the movement in any other Muslim country, for example in Indonesia or in Somalia. Times newspaper reports that anti-Taliban forces managed last night to take prisoner the Taliban’s spiritual leader Mohammed Omar. According to the newspaper, Mohammed Omar was detained on the territory controlled by the Taliban. Mullah Omar, who refused from power, is now protected by eminent Mojahed Nakibulla guaranteeing personal safety for the Taliban’s leaders. This was reported on Saturday by Haled Pushtun, official representative of ex-Khandahar governor Haji Gul Agi. Gul Agi’s forces entered Khandahar and shared control over the Taliban’s former bastion with Nakibulla, leading elder council of Khandahar province. Both Pashtun leaders are supposed to be supporters of Hamid Karzai, confirmed in Bonn as acting body of executive power. According to some reports, discrepancies appeared among Pashtun leaders because of mullah Omar’s further fate. Some Pashtun consider him to be “worthy Mojahed”, while others demand to try the Taliban’s spiritual leader for supporting terrorist Osama bin Laden. Therefore, Pashtun fate is not unclouded. Mullah Omar is a kind of time bomb, that could explode any moment. Contradictions among Pashtun are so serious that if the fate of the Taliban’s spiritual leader is discussed (and it is without doubt, after Americans receive confirmation of this information), shots will be heard again and blood will flow like water. Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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