France, Go Home!!! USA on the Offensive on All Fronts

The USA seems to have determined to quickly assume the offensive on all fronts at once. The Iraqi front is just one of them. An uncovered ideological war has been launched against the French. France is known as the main opponent to Washington’s aggressive plans. France was the first to promise to resolutely veto the British-American resolution on Iraq. And being completely crazy from impunity, the USA cannot forgive this promise to France., one of the leading online news services standing for American values, has launched an anti-France campaign on the American Internet. The website issued a very aggressive leaflet calling “to defend America”, and declares itself the leader of this fighting. The leaflet calls for an extensive boycott to France that is said to be having “some ulterior motive”.

Americans don’t believe that France, as it claims, is fighting for peace. The leaflet issued by the news page says: “The French are allegedly taking a high moral ground by attempting to block support for US-led campaign to eliminate Saddam Hussein. But that is a pack of self-serving lies.”

And what is the truth? Let’s take an extract from an angry accusatory speech in the address of US’s partners in NATO. “The truth is that France has been in bed with the genocidal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for several decades. France has massive investments in Iraq (and it made a fortune out of the UN oil-for–food program). It is known, France is afraid a successor regime might not honor contracts previously concluded by Saddam Hussein. For several successive decades France was getting bloody money from one of the worst dictators on earth. The sad reality is that current French leaders envy and hate America for our power and wealth… When Germany threatened France during World War I, American doughboys came to the rescue. Thirty years later, when France was conquered by Nazi Germany, tens of thousands of Americans gave their lives to free France. Then, when the Soviet Union threatened the whole of Europe during the Cold War, for over 40 years the American nuclear sheld again protected France from Soviet conquest (sounds fantastic! –PRAVDA.Ru). Again and again America has saved France from political annihilation and slavery. But instead of appreciation, again and again we have received sneering decisions.”

And so on in the same manner. A complete version of the bellicose ravings (this is the best word to describe such statements) is available on the website of the American news page. And a very abrupt and rather audacious conclusion was made with respect this nuclear power: “As the chairman of the Pentagon Defense Policy Board Richard Perle said, France is no longer the ally it once was.”

Then goes a recommendation what average Americans must do to save face of poor America. “Let’s hit the ungrateful France in the wallet! Americans, as the war on terrorism heats up, now is the time for all patriotic Americans to show their support to our president and to our country. That is why is launching our national Boycott France campaign. Boycott all things French: their gooey cheeses, their overpriced wines, their rip-off Perrier and Evian water, their crummy automobiles!”

The website also published a list of names of French companies and goods, everything that come within the boycott. These are Air France, Airbus, Alcatel, Bank of the West, Beneteau, Car & Driver Magazine, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dannon, Marie Claire, Martel Cognac, Maybelline, Nissan, Nivea, Peugeot, Pierre Cardin, Playstation Magazine, Renault, Road & Track Magazine, Roquefort cheese, Rowenta, Veritas Group, Vittel, Vivendi, and so on.

And this is just a part of the black list of boycotted French goods published by We get lots of emails from our American readers, including Russian emigrants complaining about total propaganda in the USA. We have already reported that complete censorship has been recently established in the USA. Let’s mention the conflict connected with TV host Phil Donahue dismissed from MSNBC for his anti-American position concerning the Iraqi crisis. And the deeper US troops get involved into the slaughter in the Persian Gulf, the stricter and more cruel the censorship is going to be. US hawks behind bush’s back know their business very well and conscientiously execute it.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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