Russia's Export Growth in 2002 - Four Times Higher Than Average World Dynamics

In 2002, Russia's export growth was four times higher than the average world dynamics, said Vladimir Zingman, Head of the Export Department of the Russian Trade and Economic Development Ministry.

He said that Russia's export grew by 10.1% last year against the world figure of 2.2%. Russia's share in the world export amounts to 1.7% according to the 2002 results compared with only 1% in 2000-2001.

Zingman indicated that the growth was facilitated by the export of petrochemical products, gas, cellulose, lorries and cars. The ministry representative pointed to Russia's great export potential. In the next years the state intends to focus on the processing industry rather than on raw materials.

Engineering products, vehicles and light industry goods totalled less than 19% in Russian export and 65% in the world's export.

Export of wheat, nickel, steel-roll, rubber, cast iron, and coal grew in 2002.

50% of Russia's export goes to the CIS countries and 85% to other countries. Zingman said China became Russia's solid trade partner last year. Other partners are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Ukraine. Russia has increased export to Switzerland and Belarus.