Freight Transportation through Russian Sea Ports Rises by 28% in 2002

The Russian transport ministry managed to meet most of its targets for 2002. As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, this was announced by Russian Transport Minister Sergei Frank on Wednesday March 5 at an extended meeting of the transport ministry devoted to the results of 2002 and targets for 2003. He said that in 2002 the Russian transport sector met the demands of the population and enterprises working in the transport sector. The volume of freight transport increased in 2002 by 3.1% and the volume of container traffic soared by 43% while 28% more freight passed through Russian sea ports. Mr Frank added that long-distance passenger traffic increased in 2002. 6% more people traveled by air, 4% more traveled by ship and there was also 9% more intercity traffic on the roads. Mr Frank also said that 33 river ships were built and modernized in 2002, Russian airlines were supplied with 11 new aeroplanes while 180 thousand new cars were put on the market. He mentioned that over USD 3 billion was allocated to the transport sector from non-budget sources. Tax proceeds at all levels rose by 22% to USD 1.9 billion, the average monthly salary rose by 30% and the number of enterprises holding wages in arrears decreased by 13.2%.