Issue to Bury Vladimir Lenin’s Body Still Actual

This is a very hard decision to make, for there are lots of arguments for and against it

A discussion devoted to St.Petersburg’s role in the formation of the Russian state structure took place yesterday. Lyudmila Narusova set forth her initiative to bury Vladimir Lenin’s body in the necropolis of the Ulyanovs family at the Volkovskoye graveyard of St.Petersburg. “It is about time we should get back to the issue of burying Vladimir Lenin’s body,” said Narusova. She added that “the bravest and most impudent ideas were born in St.Petersburg, although they seemed to be unrealizable sometimes.” As Lyudmila Narusova believes, it would never occur to anyone 2o years ago that Leningrad would be renamed to St.Petersburg.

Lyudmila Narusova believes that Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin’s body should have been buried next to his mother in the necropolis long ago, for “there is no other bigger punishment and outrage upon a Russian and an Orthodox person than to be exposed into the public eye after death.” “Every Russian person is supposed to be buried in the ground after death. This is the national tradition and political expediency talks are out of the question here,” added Narusova.

Furthermore, the same subject has been recently touched upon by Alexander Kotenkov, the presidential envoy in the Russian State Duma. However, Kotenkov was more pragmatic regarding Lenin’s body issue. He just mentioned that it was too expensive to maintain the Lenin’s Tomb.

Indeed, a human body is supposed to be buried in the ground, according to all human laws, according to God’s Law. Celibate priest Amvrosy said: “There are occultism, personality cult aspects to the situation with the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin. Such aspects are not allowed either for the faithful or for other people. This situation is similar to the Pharaoh cult, it is very close to idol worshipping.”

On the other hand, everything is much more complicated in this certain case. The Lenin’s Tomb is something like the incarnation of the great epoch and of the great fulfillment for a lot of Russian people. This tomb is the symbol of the Soviet Union – the country, which does not exist anymore in the world. Thoughtless and radical actions about this object might cause more discord to the up-to-date Russian society, which suffers from numerous troubles and contradictions.

By the way, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Aleksey II thinks that the decision to remove Vladimir Lenin’s body from the tomb can be made only “if it is the will of the whole nation.” Is it the time? Aleksey II has already expressed his opinion regarding Lenin’s Tomb before. He believes that one should not take any actions, which would “separate the Russian people even more, which would add new opposition in the society, although there have been too many of them experienced over the latest decade.” The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia is certain that all of those things do not assist in the unification of the nation, or in the strengthening of the state.

Yet, it is obvious that the Russian society will have to get back to the issue of the Lenin’s body in the future anyway.

“One fine moment I suddenly saw myself in the Lenin’s Tomb. I do not feel comfortable talking about it, really. I was not approaching his body, I was flying above it. There is a line of people, as always, people come and go. But then I started talking to Vladimir Lenin. He said to me: “Tell them to bury me, tell them to bury me please, for God’s sake. I can not suffer from this torture any longer. What are they doing to me? I want to be buried in the ground. This is a horrible execution that I have to suffer from all the time!” I was listening to him, thinking: “What am I doing here? What am I doing here in the tomb?” And then I smelled the decay, the stench, the air turned cold. I felt something like spiritual cold. But he just kept on begging me.” (This was said by Orthodox faithful Tatiana, who survived clinical death.) photograph

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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