Scary: Bed Shakes, Headboard Ignites Spontaneously

On the eve of the New Year celebrated in accordance with the Old Style in Russia in the night of January 13–14, mysterious events occurred in the house of pensioner Kazbek Yekanov in the settlement of Lesken in the Iraf district of North Ossetia. At first, a bed started shaking, then the head of the bed ignited spontaneously.

As soon the fire was extinguished, a carpet in the other part of the house began to smoke, then several spot fires ignited on the floor covering. Many neighbors rushed to help the pensioner to extinguish the fire.

Further the situation developed in an extremely strange manner: a mattress of the bed caught fire, then curtains, clothes and other things inflamed. When a fire brigade arrived, the men were discouraged with what they saw and could hardly believe in stories told by the witnesses. They refused to believe the strange stories until they saw that a broom started smoking and a towel went on fire. The owner of the house was in the yard at that moment; he hardly managed to throw off a shirt before it ignited spontaneously. The strange events continued within more than two days; then director of the fire extinguishing station Viktor Chegayev contacted the Department of Fire Extinguishing Service and asked to film the strange events.

At first, the Department took the information skeptically. It couldn’t be a joke that is more traditional for April 1st, what is more Viktor Chegayev was known as a serious man incapable of playing wicked tricks. So, a brigade from the Department left for the settlement where the strange events occurred. Mysterious phenomena of this kind were registered in the republic for the first time. A similar accident was registered last time five years ago. A similar event occurred in the settlement of Chermen in 1992, and the strange events continued within two months.

When the brigade arrived in the settlement, all doubts dispersed. There were too many witnesses of the strange ignitions all about the house, that is why it was impossible not to believe that the strange stories were true. The poor family living in the house suffered greatest damages as a result of numerous spot ignitions. Almost all household items were damaged with fire; grand-daughter of Kazbek Yekanov was so much disappointed that her school uniform was destroyed by the fire. All neighbors hope that the head of the local administration will help the family recover after the fire and restore the household.

However, it is more important to find out the reason of the strange spot spontaneous ignitions. When you become a witness of such spontaneous ignitions, different thoughts come into the head. Nobody in the village house where the strange ignitions occurred knew about poltergeist, however, strange things occurred there within two days.

Yelena Dzugayeva Severnaya Osetia newspaper

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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