Whirl-making Weapon Is Like Genie in Terrorists’ Hands

Several mysterious catastrophes occurred with helicopters and small planes over the past years, when famous politicians, military and public figures tragically died. Causes of the catastrophes were declared unknown and were often explained with “a subjective factor.” There is every reason to suspect that the incidents occurred as a result of terrorist acts when secret military technologies, some special whirl-making weapons were used.

Let’s take an empty cigarette box, burn a hole through and blow as much cigarette smoke into it as possible. If you then flick on the surface opposite to the hole, an accurate gray ring of smoke will rush out of it. Many of us know the trick, but did you ever think that this simple physics can be assumed as a basis of a serious technology that can be further used in a military sphere?

It is known that for many years the USSR and the USA have been working secretly on development of a so-called “climate weapon.” It was believed that artificial cyclones, squall typhoons and tornado could be created over hostile territories, at that nature would be considered the author of these disasters. It is not clear whether military men were a success with such developments, but the public community still suspects that some climate disasters are of unnatural origin. Recently, Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky blamed Americans for a hurricane that raged in Moscow.

However, such global climate changes are just one effect of artificial influence upon the atmosphere. A whirl-making weapon that we are going to speak about is less destructive, but more compact and super-precise.

Let’s get back to the above mentioned trick with a ring of cigarette smoke. What actually happened during the trick? A solid surface hit the gas, an air wave appeared as a result of it; the air wave “hooked” on the edges of the hole in the cigarette box and a ring of smoke formed. This whirl is no longer a portion of amorphous air, but some kind of a compact object, rather strong and elastic: it has become an air shell capable of flying at a definite distance. Gunners know that the breech end of a gun cannot be sealed, as whirls may get “stuck” in the slots and block the outlets when shots are fired; that is why energy of the explosion is completely spent on shell pushing and is never wasted. In other words, whirls – air-locks - are rather “strong”.

Now imagine that we take some round surface of a suitcase size instead of a cigarette box; high-frequency electromagnetic field operates over the surface, it pushes some portion of artificially ionized air. Once again, an air wave forms; its edges will twist after hooking at the gas at the borders of this cylinder. Then a column of whirls forms above the activator circle. If the activator is horizontal, an invisible damage zone of several dozens of meters will be formed above the activator; this column will disperse moving cone-wise away from the activator and gradually losing its energy. Some kind of an inverted toy pyramid formed of successive thin whirls will be in the air. A similar weapon can be successfully used against low-flying targets: helicopters, small planes, etc. A large air liner may suffer if it meets such artificial tornado. The word “tornado” is used conditionally in this case, as the air turns into whirls not around the axis, but around circles strung on the axis. This intrusion into the quiet atmosphere inevitably causes different eddy flows of different directions.

The author would like to warn that the above mentioned facts are just his own scientific conjecture. Although any aerodynamics specialist will agree that this scheme is efficient, there is still no open information able to prove that such a military construction may actually exist. Consequently, I cannot take the liberty of declaring that crashes of helicopters and planes that entailed deaths of popular Russian figures (journalist Artyom Borovik, ophthalmologist Svyatoslav Fyodorov, politician Alexander Lebed, etc) were the results of using a whirl-making weapon. The usage of a whirl-making weapon is also incredible in those cases when “a sudden gust” takes some building down. However, we should keep it in mind that what is possible from scientific and technical points of view, it may become reality sooner or later.

In this connection, it would be extremely dangerous if a military technology of this kind would be used by some individual persons with a malicious intent. That is why the RF State Duma should find out whether secret developments on the problem were carried out in the Soviet era; Duma deputies should also find out whether some whirl-making weapon actually exists and take measures so that it won’t used for organization of terrorist acts.

Pavel Poluyan Krasnoyarsk Especially for PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian: https://www.pravda.ru/mysterious/34792-tornado/

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