Darcon Club To Open in Moscow Center

Israeli clubbers will drink Russian alcohol, eating Israeli snacks

The presentation of the Moscow Israeli club will take place in Jet Set Club on January 29 at 7:00 p.m. The Israeli club in Moscow will be called Darcon Club. The Hebrew word “darcon” means a passport of an Israeli citizen. Thousands of owners of that passport have come to the Russian capital over the recent years. Some of them tried to earn money, others searched for inspiration. There are so many of them in Moscow nowadays, so they decided to open their own club – the Moscow club of the Israeli passport owners.

Those people are united with their language, in which traditionally Russian words are mixed with Hebrew idioms. They have their common friends and memories, as well as two common fatherlands – Russia and Israel. The presentation of the club is to take place on January 29th, which will be the next day after the elections to the Israeli Knesset. The followers of various political views – either peace or war with Palestine – will celebrate the victory, or mourn the defeat, drinking traditional Russian alcohol drinks, eating traditional Israeli snacks. Russian political technologies evince a lot of interest in the coming undertaking. Israeli parties will show pre-election political ads, which are made in the spirit of American election campaigns.

Aviv Gefen, the most politically indifferent, or the most anti-political Israeli singer was invited to come to the presentation. Gefen is like Israeli John Lennon. He is famous for his anti-military songs, as well as for his unwillingness to serve in the Israeli army, which is not welcomed in the country at all. He has been a persona non grata for a long time at any official events in Israel. Even his fame does not allow him to be invited to the annual show in honor of the Independence Day in Israel. He turned out to be too independent even for the Independence Day. However, the organizers of the Darcon Club do not think so. There are a lot of Israeli pacifists among them, they found themselves in Moscow as so-called pacifist refugees. In other words, they did not want to serve in the Gaza Strip or in any other hot spots, so they simply escaped from Israel to Moscow.

Everything is clear with culture and politics. Now it is time for the economy. Of course, we will not find ministers or State Duma deputies amid the Moscow Israelis. Yet, there can be lots of top managers of large companies found there, well-known producers, cultural figures. The general public does not know that some of those people own an Israeli passport. This means that there will be some surprises during the presentation of Darcon Club.

Darcon Club is an independent non-commercial association of the Israeli people in Moscow. It will hold its meetings in Jet Set Club every Wednesday. The first meeting is to take place on January 29, 2003. There is no entrance fee to pay, you just have to show your darcon (Israeli passport). Each darcon owner is entitled to invite one guest.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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