Final wording of Russian energy strategy till 2020 will be ready in 2003

The final blueprint of the Russian energy strategy till 2020 will be ready in the first half of 2003, Vice Premier Viktor Khristenko said at the all-Russian energy forum "The Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st century." He believes that the energy strategy is the most vital of all the documents being elaborated by the government as the effectiveness of the fuel and energy complex will set the pace of social and economic development of the country for a long time.

Khristenko cited raw materials quality deterioration, investments deficit, low technological potential of the industry and high level of pollution as routine problems of the fuel and energy complex.

The vice premier believes that it is necessary to raise effectiveness of energy use to resolve the problems. Khristenko said that the power intensity of the Russian economy now is 3-4 times higher than that in developed countries.

While commenting on the pricing policy, Khristenko said "that on the one hand it is necessary to curb the inflation and the pricing policy should envisage the development of the energy sector, on the other hand." The Vice Prime Minister said that the complex must meet the internal energy demand and consolidate its presence on the world energy market.