A Russian submariner is arrested for raping a girl in a kindergarten

Two exotic crimes happened in the center of the Russian navy

The court martial of the Northern Navy was shocked to start the investigation of this case. A warrant officer of the White Sea Naval Base has been recently arrested in the Russian city of Severodvinsk (the Arkhangelsk region). The officer served at the nuclear submarine Ekaterinburg.

This brave submariner was sitting in a bar and met a pretty girl over there. He went to take her home, when the incident happened. He either got too drunk, or was overexcited. The submariner grabbed the girl, took her onto the territory of a kindergarten (there was no one there in summer) and raped her with all the consequences. The marines of Severodvinsk were astounded about it: it would be more likely for a woman to “rape” a man in military uniform, than vice versa. They say that Severodvinsk women go crazy about men in uniform.

Another “exotic” crime happened in Severodvinsk. A 26-year-old girl killed a 60-year-old man. She killed him with a frying pan. A company of three women and this 60-year-old man were drinking alcohol. They had a quarrel about something, then they started fighting and it all ended up with a murder of the man. The youngest woman of the company grabbed a heavy frying pan and started hitting the elderly man on his head. When police arrived, their saw that the whole room was spattered with blood, the man’s head looked like a meat chop and the drunk murderess was also lying there beside him.

On the photo: The view of Severodvinsk

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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