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Iraq: Saddam’s son wounded in attack

The Iraqi National Congress, based in London, has claimed that the youngest son of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been injured in a shooting in the suburb of Mansur, Baghdad, on Wednesday morning.

The INC claims responsibility for the attack, which may be part of a wider campaign to take out the Iraqi leadership by subversive methods. The news was published in the Arabic language newspaper Al Hayat, which states that “A group from the national resistance shot at the vehicle in which Qusay was travelling after managing to enter the motorcade”. The INC claim that Qusay was slightly wounded, being shot in the arm.

35-year-old Qusay is the Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Guard, Iraq’s elite troops and the Head of the Iraqi intelligence services. He has had a growing influence on affairs within Iraq in recent years. His elder brother, Ouday, was seriously injured in the legs in a bombing in the same suburb of Baghdad in December, 1995.


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