America: permission? we don't need no stinking permission to invade

The Pentagon is working on a plan for special operations in other countries. However, these countries do not know about it

A lot has been said about the global war against terrorism, which was started by the USA after September 11th. Many politicians, journalists, and scientists that deal with the issue of terrorism have expressed their doubts regarding the methods and results of this war. However, it seems that, for Washington, there are no doubts.

The results of the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan aren't really all that positive for the American administration: Bin Laden and the leaders of Al-Qaeda are still out there, free. They are able to hide themselves very well, having even managed to raise rumors about their own deaths.

Donald Rumsfeld is definitely one who is not sure what is going on. It seems that the head of the American Defense Department can't cope with his irritation anymore: the operation has been going on for more than six months, but there is no Bin Laden to catch. As a result, Rumsfeld demanded that the leaders of the anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan seize and destroy the leaders of Al-Qaeda. Does this mean that Americans have been doing something different in Afghanistan?

The absence of the main result, seizing or abolishing Bin Laden or his assistants, has brought up the idea that the expansion of the anti-terrorist operation is quite pointless. Restless Rumsfeld is thinking over the possibility of deploying American commandos to fight with terrorists in different parts of the world: Somalia and Pakistan (mountainous areas of Pakistan that border Afghanistan) are on the top of the list.

The major novelty is the fact that Washington is seriously considering conducting special operations on the territory of other countries without notifying the governments the respective countries. They have been talking about this in the USA for a while, and they are gradually coming to conclusion that such operations are legal and requisite, as the struggle with terrorists is unlimited.

Everything is more or less clear with Somalia: the central government of the country controls a couple of quarters in the capital, so there is no one to ask and no need for permission. However, the situation with other countries is totally different. It is hard to imagine that Libya or Iran, for example, will simply grant entry to American commandos to invade their countries.

Nevertheless, as news agencies report, the detailed plans of the special operations in other countries have not yet been developed. Still, it will not be all that hard to come up with such "plans," especially when Donald Rumsfeld in the picture.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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