President Bush promises to be patient

The US president, while making an appearance at a secondary school of Madison, Mississippi, promised Americans that he will be patient and prudent.

The president intends to practice these useful qualities before he gives the order to launch a war against Saddam Husain. Bush said that the White House will always consult with Congress.

According to the Washington Times, the US president started to think about the virtue of patience just after several congressmen of both Chambers said that he should enlist the support of Congress in the question of an anti-Iraq war. George Bush's statement was made the third day after his meeting with Tommy Francs, who will be commander of the troops in Iraq. Francs informed Bush about possible variants of activities against Hussein. They depend mainly on the allies' positions, first of all, the Arab countries. Americans can hardly account on their support. Therefore, while considering these variants, George Bush probably started to think about patience.

In Mississippi, Bush said that the “free nations” could not allow to Hussein to buy nuclear weapons for use against the United States. Therefore, the president presents the future aggression as predicting a delivery. He also wants Americans to know that he will study all variants before making any decision. There is even information that the CIA, acting according to a Bush order, is trying to organize a coup in Baghdad.

The president probably decided himself to give this order: if the special operation is a success, there will be no need for an invasion. However, the CIA cannot be the only hope of the White House.

The Pentagon is actively working out the plans for the future invasion. One plan is being changed for another. However, different sources are of the same opinion: in the final plan, there will be a large-scale land operation, massive air strikes on Iraqi command centers, as well as the locations where military hardware is concentrated. Among the measures the Americans find effective is to help to the Hussein's enemies inside Iraq and psychological warfare against the Iraqi military to cause them to rebel against Saddam or, at least, throw down their arms.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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