Strangely enough, the Americans have not expressed much concerns about Russia's new formidable weapons

Americans do not fear Putin's new weapons, and Russians wonder why

The Pentagon has not expressed much concern about the new Russian nuclear weapons, because the Americans are not ready yet to draw conclusions and negotiate. They would rather defeat the Russian in Hollywood films.

On Sunday, March 11, the Russian Defence Ministry showed a video of the test of the Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile system. However, US officials are not very concerned about Russia's new weapons, CNN said.

Pentagon chief James Mattis said that he did not see any changes in Russia's military potential. According to him, the announcements that Putin made during his Address to the Federal Assembly did not come as news to him because it those arms systems were not news at all. "They do no impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrent posture, which would be certainly an indication I registered this assessment with something that was changing," Mattis said wondering how much time and money the Russians would be willing to invest in the arms race with themselves. James Mattis also assumed that it would be up to the Russian people to carry the burden of all those developments.

President of the St. Petersburg Club of Conflictologists, Colonel Boris Podoprigora, told Pravda.Ru, that "the American technical intelligence was aware of Russia's new developments." "The absence of refutations suggests that they are largely in possession of the situation that was outlined by Vladimir Putin in his speech and then in the interview with an American journalist," the military expert said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

Yet, Washington, in his opinion, is not ready for negotiations, "because the US administration and the State Department are outside the power field, and it is the US Congress that actually performs all functions of the US foreign policy department now." In this situation, it is very difficult to formulate a unified approach, because the Congress is "just talking, not decision-making."

"What is the point of talking to Tillerson, for example, who warns us every time that his judgments are of a largely limited, preliminary and notifying nature?" Boris Podoprigora said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

"It's hard for me to say to which extent the US military-industrial complex is ready to counter challenges that come from Moscow, but I realise that only two countries in the world - Russia and the United States - are able to act, as they say, on collision courses," the political scientist summed up the conversation with Pravda.Ru.

In turn, military political scientist Alexander Perendzhiev said that as long as Russia has turned the cards over, it means that developments of even more powerful weapons are underway too. "We will not expose these cards now, and when they (the weapon - Ed.) are ready, it will be too late. In short, we act on the basis of Suvorov's principle: convince is to win," the expert concluded in the interview with Pravda.Ru.


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