British zoo has no animal that could tell Russian bear what to do - Russian DM Shoigu

The role of nuclear weapons in deterring a potential aggressor will be decreasing at the expense of  the development of high-precision weapons, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

The Defence Minister stressed that the combat potential of Russian high-precision weapons would quadruple by 2021. According to him, this will ensure the security of the Russian Federation around the entire perimeter of the borders.

At the same time, the development of strategic nuclear forces remains an absolute priority, said Sergei Shoigu during a lecture at the opening of the II All-Russian Youth Forum "International Military-Political and Military-Economic Cooperation: Current Trends" at MGIMO. 

Earlier, Commander of Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev, also spoke about a possibility for nuclear arms to lose the deterrent factor, although this is a matter of future. 

Defence Minister Shoigu also said that by the end of 2020, Russian ground troops would have 70 percent of modern arms and military hardware. 

During his speech, the minister spoke about the problem of "colour revolutions." According to Shoigu, Russia's operations in Syria interrupted the chain of such events in the Middle East and Africa.

"A wave of" colour revolutions has caused major changes in world politics, as well as in the balance of forces in the world and in regions of the world. Yugoslavia, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria - this is an incomplete list of the countries, where the "colour revolutions" scenario was tested," Shoigu said. 

"In the West, they are seen as a way to spread democracy by toppling "non-democratic" regimes in a non-violent way. However, a military analysis of events that have taken place in the Middle East and North Africa, suggests otherwise: the factor of military force is an integral part of "colour revolutions," the head of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation said. 

Sergei Shoigu also commented on the recent statement from his British counterpart Michael Fallon, who did not want the Russian "bear to stick its paws in Libya." 

"Well, if we continue the animal theme ... What do they have on their emblem - a lion, I think? There's an old saying: all lions are cats, but not all cats are lions. Let everyone understand their business themselves. We do not think that they have an animal in their zoo that can tell the bear what to do," the minister said. 


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