Russia's new PAK DA invisible bomber plane puzzles the West

In the next few years, the Russian Air Force will have a state-of-the-art long-range bomber aircraft that will be almost invisible to radar.

The bomber plane is being developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau. First aircraft is said to go into service in 2023. The new PAK DA prospective aviation complex for long-range aviation will be a subsonic flying wing aircraft. The main advantage of the new aircraft will be its invisibility to low-frequency radar operating in the UHF band.

The new aircraft will be equipped with new engines developed by the Kuznetsov Design Bureau. The engines will be an improved modification of NK-32 turbojet engines installed at the Tu-160 White Swan aircraft. 

According to the National Interest, the takeoff weight of the bomber will be 112 tons. The aircraft will be able to carry up to 30 tons of military cargo at a distance of up to  12,000 kilometers. 

The aircraft will become a platform for launching long-range cruise missiles. The aircraft will also carry guided and hypersonic missiles, including nuclear-capable ones.

The new product is said to be superior to USA's B-2 made by Northrop Grumman and LRS-B, which is only being developed for the US Air Force.

Noteworthy, Russia plans to launch serial production of the fifth-generation T-50 fighter jet in 2017. The new jet will be equipped with ultra-precise, guided ammunition.


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