Before the Flood, There Was No Moon

Was the Moon a part of the Earth?

It should be emphasized that there are many people who perceive this only as a hypothesis. A computer analysis is not convincing to everyone. It is surprising, but the Moon’s past recreated by computer coincides with a lot of facts that were written in ancient sources. It stands to reason that coincidences are rarely incidental.

As it turns out, a lot of myths, legends, and tales say that there used to be no Moon in the sky. The Moon appeared after the Great Flood. This was noticed by the people who lived in the south of Greece, as well as by African tribes and others. However, there were a lot of ebb and flow traces found in many ancient cities. As is well known, it's is the Moon that causes ebbs and flows. This does not coincide with the no-Moon theory before the Flood. However, if there was no Moon, then maybe there was another celestial body to fulfil its functions? Other sources say that there used to be two or even several moons shining in the sky. It is not ruled out that those other Earth satellites were “in charge” of ebbs and flows.

The people from the Mayan civilization left reports, in which they said that it was not the Moon, but Venus shining above them in the sky at night. Maybe, Venus was absolutely different back in those years? There was an ancient Roman historian who believed that the Great Flood was caused by the change of Venus’ color, size, shape, and orbit.

Many myths and legends say that the Moon rose in the sky after the after-Flood darkness cleared up. Did the Moon cause the Flood?

Some scientists believe that the Moon was not always the Earth’s satellite. German astronomer Gesterkorn thinks that the Moon’s age is approximately equal to one half of the Earth’s age. In his opinion, after the Moon was created, it orbited far away from the Earth. A space object flew near the Moon, which caused the moon to change its orbit. The Moon moved closer to the Earth and became “imprisoned” by the Earth’s gravity.

Then, the Moon became the master of Earth’s waters. The Moon’s approach resulted in immense tides, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes. Waves were the height of mountains, volcanoes were erupting, and water was boiling. Probably, the new satellite was the reason for the Great Flood.

There are many other theories to explain from where the Moon actually came. One of them even says that the Moon was created by aliens. According to this theory, its a place where aliens have their bases, space centers, and so on. Some people think that the Moon is a giant UFO, which has been disguised as a cold planet.

The danger meteorites has become rather topical nowadays. There are movies, articles, research works, and news reports about the Earth’s possible collision with a meteorite. Meteorites are small in comparison with planets, but there can be hundreds of such meteorites or a couple of very large ones. They could be enough to destroy life on our planet. It is logical to suppose that small celestial bodies are fragments of larger ones. Therefore, it is possible that meteorites might be parts of other planets. Scientist Anatoly Chernyaeyv believes that this is exactly what happened with the Tunguska meteorite. According to his theory, a vast part of the Earth tore itself away from the planet and went upwards. It was unable to travel far away from the Earth and fell down on the planet again. It is not possible to prove such a theory, of course. If there were people who saw it, they died long ago. In this connection, the Moon might be a piece of the Earth, and it did not manage to break away from the Earth’s gravity.

Is there any form of life on the Moon? The Moon’s surface is not inhabitable. Maybe, there are some creatures living under the thick layers of moon soil?

What do people do to protect themselves from a possible nuclear war or any other man caused catastrophes? People build underground shelters. They are deep, strong, and huge shelters. Up-to-date technologies allow people to live underground for decades and even hundreds of years. Needless to mention that this is not meant for the whole of humanity, only for the elite. Such bunkers could have been built in a part of the Earth that broke off and became the Moon.

Most likely, there is no life on the Moon. If there is, then the Moon is something like a space station. The few people that had the chance to walk on the moon’s surface saw very strange things, such as traces of tanks and little orange glass figures. One person even claimed to have seen UFOs.

NASA has a lot of impressive photographs on the subject. They are all secret photos, but even the few that have been released prove that the moon’s landscape is very different from the desolated landscape of a cold, uninhabited planet. It turns out that there are constructions on the Moon: bridges, towers, buildings, and huge domes. All these things prove the theory that the Moon used to be a part of our planet.

Is it possible that there are people on the Moon living now? The Moon is a big mystery. Was it a part of the Earth in the past? What is the Moon at present? These mysteries remain unsolved.

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