Arkhangelsk region Governor demands thorough attention be paid to fishery quotas

Russia has been ranked fifth or sixth in the world on the extraction of biological water resources during the recent years, although there are still many problems in the industry.

A meeting of the presidium of the State Council for the development of the fish industry discussed the challenges of the industry and ways for their solutions.

One of the most controversial initiatives was the introduction of "state support quotas." Authors suggest distributing up to 20 percent of allocated quotas between the companies that have built ships at Russian shipyards.

The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Igor Orlov, urged everyone to have a cautious approach to the issue.

"I am particularly concerned about the historical principle of distributing quotas for a long-term period of time to ensure the predictability of business. It goes about the responsibility of quota users to saturate the domestic market with affordable fishery products, ensure the operation of fishing and fish processing capacities and develop coastal areas. All this requires a special approach and state regulation in the question of innovations that relate to the allocation of quotas for investment purposes," Igor Orlov noted in his speech at the meeting of the State Council.

The head of the Arkhangelsk region called for the preservation of regional quotas in the coastal fishery.

"The issue of quotas is very important for those employed in the fishing industry, - the chairman of the Interregional Association of Fishery Managers of the North Coastal Basin, Valentin Balashov, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. He noted that remaking the current quota system would be profitable only to certain companies, but not to the country on the whole.


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