Pentagon commands the Ukrainian army

Putin called the Ukrainian army the "NATO legion". "In fact it is no longer an army, it is a foreign legion, in this case a foreign NATO legion that of course does not pursue national interests of Ukraine," President said. "It has completely different goals that are related to achieving geopolitical goals of deterring Russia, which is absolutely not in line with national interests of the Ukrainian people." Expert on international security Viktoria Legranova agreed to comment this statement in an interview to Pravda.Ru.

"I absolutely agree with the president's opinion. Aside from representatives of private military companies, there is an active recruitment of members of radical, nationalist organizations of the Right Sector, in European countries, American private military companies also operate within Ukraine, such as BlackWater or Academy. In general, NATO is practicing cooperation in Ukraine. Technical facilities are being implemented, radars detecting mortar fire operate at a tactical level. Militia has to operate more actively and retreat from the points being fired upon by both artillery and mortars. It is dangerous, Ukrainian authorities build up a large, massive force. If the command and control system is established, if Ukrainian authorities eliminate bribery and allocate funds for armament, and if such American generals as Randy Allen gain full control, then there will be complications," Viktoria Legranova said.

The expert on international security noted that as for Russia it must consider private military companies not as independent structures but as organizations operating on behalf of the U.S. government. "90% of tasks and projects developed by such organizations as BlackWater, is performed by order of the U.S. to remove any particular dirty affairs beyond the political arena. These structures have not just mercenaries but former professional soldiers. For example, BlackWater has a rather powerful analytical center, it is a whole company in North Carolina gathering vast amounts of information and preparing analytical materials for the White House."

Viktoria Legranova stressed in the interview to Pravda.Ru that provocative actions by private military companies and intelligence agencies in such situations are their business card. "In Kosovo they exploded rendezvous points of Serbian representatives, performed assassinations of representatives of religious organizations. They will make such provocations in Ukraine. The time will come and we will see many odd situations, such as artillery friendly fire and explosion of mines at a checkpoint. The goal is circular aggravation of the conflict and military operations, creating chaos and accusing Russia of this conflict. We cannot prohibit Ukraine to purchase or receive weapons from NATO countries. Nevertheless, possible repercussions of this situation can hardly be attributed to the interests of the Ukrainian people." 

"This situation will end two ways. First, when the West understands that it is inexpedient to aggravate the situation. Second, when Russia takes some tougher measures. There is a possible reaction from the Ukrainian people, from mothers who send their children to the front. These factors can influence the situation, and I think that we just need to wait, there is no point in aggravating the situation," Viktoria noted.

"By the way, many people have started to evade mobilization, and try to come to us and wait out. And it is right, because they are just used as cannon fodder and sent into the line of fire. In accordance with the new legislation, Ukrainian citizens cannot stay within the Russian Federation for more than 30 days. That's why it is possible that we are going to change something about it," President of the Russian Federation stressed out. The Pravda.Ru correspondent asked the expert what he meant? 

"A working group must be created to study every particular case. Unfortunately, many people in Russia started to accuse Ukrainians of running. It is not a correct approach. You must not accuse people of the fact that they do not want to be a part of this slaughter no one wants. These people need to be given a status of refugees, we need to accept them because tomorrow they will go and kill people in Donbass region if they have no way out. Because Ukrainian legislation is also getting tougher - they want to shoot their own soldiers for disobeying a senior officer. Mobilization will become more of a slaughter, when people are thrown to the wolves. There will be thousands of casualties. It will start in spring," Viktoria Legranova summarized.


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