Unlucky Americans in Afghanistan

Americans dislike their partisan war in Afghanistan. They are suffering great losses
Afghanistan for Americans is something like Chechnya for Russia. There is only one real difference: Chechnya is Russia’s domestic problem, some kind of a cross we have to bear to the Calvary, and Afghanistan for America is a symbol of the struggle with international terrorism, a symbol they would be happy to give up, but cannot. Everything started as a pleasure trip ( massive bombings followed by the invasion of the North Alliance, which brought the military campaign to its logical end, who seized Kabul). However, the operation wasn’t concluded, and America entered the next stage, a partisan war. To tell the truth, the Americans were evidently not ready for it: indeed, American losses considerably increased after the active stage of military operations was over.

Numerous operations like Anaconda or Harpoon brought no considerable results (just few ammunition depots were discovered, and several dozen fighters were liquidated). As the operations proved ineffective, they were given up in the end. From now on, if operations of this kind are to be held, they will be carried out by the Afghans themselves under the US’s strict guidance.

The current position of the liberators is rather lamentable: they stay on military bases and don’t even venture to leave. However, the Taliban’s bullets and missiles reach them even there. Last Saturday, sixteen American soldiers were killed during a missile attack on an air base near the city of Host. Five missiles were fired against the troops’ position. The missile attack spread panic among the soldiers. A special search operation conducted after the attack proved ineffective. It was decided to immediately transfer 500 soldiers from Kabul as reinforcements.

Information closely connected with Saturday’s events was received from Afghanistan today. US warplanes bombed targets located in the Pakistani region close to the Afghan border where the Pashtun tribes live. US warplanes bombed targets in the regions of Damasar and Lowar Mandi in North Waziristan. Officers from the Pakistani military HQ visited the sites; they say there were no victims.

However, the US operation caused a hail of protests from the local population, which is known as an ardent opponent to the US campaign in Afghanistan. It is not clear yet what motivated US aviation to carry out the attack. It is possible that the warplanes pursued terrorists hiding on the Pakistani territories. It’s not ruled out as well that the raid was a kind of revenge for the deaths of the American soldiers near Host.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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