Hate in America

Nancy O'Brien Simpson

I've been on a hiatus, however, the hubris of the USA and its self-righteous bullshit burns through me.  Writing is a catharsis to prevent my soul from being scorched by our hypocrisy.  

Where to begin?  The USA loves to throw stones, we love to hate.  Russia is "our enemy" is blasted throughout our media.  Why Russia is our enemy is never revealed.  It is inferred they are commies and want to somehow harm us.  So we have to fear them, nuke up against them and sanction them.  

The Russians are far from the first.  We hated the Vietcong and napalmed their villages.  That will teach 'em.  We hated Saddam Hussian and Muammar Gaddafi and you know what we did to them.  Trump hated the Mexicans and let us know they were damn rapists.  He also hated Iran and in broad daylight violated international law and assassinated Iranian hero, General Soliemani. 

Recently after decades of admiring the progress and technology of China, they suddenly become the new target of our hate.  The new enemy.  If you listened to our media China invented COVID in the Wuhan Lab to take us down.  Never mind it was released in China and not the USA.  Never mind we funded that lab.  Never mind they asked for funds to help with safety precautions and the Trump administration turned them down.  

Suffice it to say America needs to hate.  We need it to fuel and fund our military obsession. Hate is a funny thing.  It grows and it metastasizes.  If you lived in the United States you could see and feel that hate metastasizing throughout the country.  The red-pilled patriots hate Biden.  The number one song on itunes today is a rap song "Let's Go Brandon".  It is code for F**k Joe Biden.  

Heck, the GOP hated its very own vice president and on January 6, 2021, the day of the great insurrection they created gallows and chanted, "Hang Mike Pence!".  

The liberals are not much better, they hate Donald Trump so much it is pathological.  There was nothing he could do during his presidency that was not cast in a pejorative light.  If the man cured cancer the corporate media would have said he had contributed to overpopulation.  It was that bad.  

This hate did not stay an ideological abstraction.  No, it further metastasized into families becoming divided.  Couples breaking up.  Neighbors no longer talking to one another. Fights breaking out at PTA school meetings. Riots in cities. 

Hate is like that.  It is not benign, not encapsulated.  It is stealth and it grows.  It is now choking America and if anything is to be our death knoll as a nation.... it will be our hate.  


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