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FSB asks media not to build up tension over blasts in Voronezh

The FSB department for the Voronezh region (Central federal district) asked media not to build up tension in connection with the terrorist acts in Voronezh, July 19 and 26, says the report of the department's public relations group circulated on Tuesday.

"The law-enforcement bodies are taking all possible measures to identify the criminals. Experienced investigators of the regional prosecutor's office, the main interior department and the FSB department are taking part in the investigation," head of the PR group of the Voronezh FSB department Pavel Bolshunov told RIA Novosti.

He said that the investigation is going on rather slowly but assured that there were all grounds to believe that this criminal case would be disclosed by all means.

The press service of the main interior department and the regional prosecutor's office refuted the reports of some media that the police is searching for a "fair-haired 25-30-year-old woman in white shorts" and "two Caucasians" who may have something to do with the July 26 blast.

The senior assistant of the Voronezh region's prosecutor, Galina Gorshkova called the authors of such reports "fiction writers", during her talk with RIA Novosti on Tuesday. She called on mass media not to publish non-checked information.

The first terrorist act was perpetrated in Voronezh on July 19. The blast near the bus stop killed an employee of the Voronezh agricultural university, 25-year old Yelena Frolova, and six people received wounds of various gravity.

The second blast at the bus stop took place on Monday. A woman inside of the car passing by was wounded.