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Militants who attacked Ingushetia wanted to seize weapons and ammunition

The capture of weapons and ammunition of the Ingush Interior Ministry was the real purpose of the militants' invasion to Ingushetia, a senior officer of the Ingush Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti by phone.

News came on Monday that almost all servicemen who guarded checkpoints had been shot.

According to the officer, the operation was thoroughly planned. Militants were dressed in police camouflage uniform and easily seized a number of checkpoints on the Caucasus federal highway.

After that, the militants stopped all the passing cars, mainly trucks. Having formed a column, they headed for the Interior Ministry's ammunition depots in Nazran. They loaded cars with weapons and ammunition and escaped to unknown directions.

At the same time several bandit units attacked police stations in several settlements to distract attention.

Aircraft was involved in the search for the column, however, it has noе yielded any results yet, RIA Novosti's interlocutor said.