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Moscow-Vladikavkaz train blown up

A Moscow-Vladikavkaz train (Vladikavkaz is the capital of North Ossetia - a Russian republic neighboring on Chechnya) was derailed as a result of two explosions. The Russian Emergencies Ministry's southern regional center told RIA Novosti that the first explosion took place under the last car, and the second, under the fourth car.

By emergencies ministry data, the blasting of the railroad bed was made early morning on Saturday near Vladikavkaz. 10 cars of the Moscow-Vladikavkaz passenger train were derailed.

There are no data about those killed or wounded. 463 people were in the train.

Now the train stands still, the site is cordoned off; explosives experts are establishing the type of the explosive device used, said North Ossetia's interior ministry. A special train is on its way to the site to deliver passengers to destination points.

Presidential envoy to the Southern federal district Vladimir Yakovlev was informed about the situation, said his press secretary Irina Tyorkina.

In her words, the chief of the North Caucasian Railroad, Vladimir Vorobyov and the head of the Southern regional center of Russia's emergencies ministry, Ivan Teterin have headed for the site.