Works Inside Kursk Submarine In Progress

Investigating teams are still busy clearing out the debris from the second and third compartments of the nuclear submarine Kursk, which is drydocked at Roslyakovo, a village in the Murmansk region, Northern Russia. Works inside the third compartment are conducted with utmost care and only in the upper tiers, since the compartment is so badly wrecked that descent into the lower tiers may endanger the lives of investigators. The fact that the Kursk is badly damaged on the inside and that clearing out the debris is no easy task clearly manifested itself on November 12, when investigators had to remove a fragment of the pressure hull weighing 32 tons from inside the vessel before they could penetrate any deeper. As of today, 56 sailors' bodies were extracted from the wreck of the submarine, of which only one remains unidentified. However, there is still a hope of finding more bodies beneath the debris.

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