Chechen Militants Attempt to Rally Against Referendum and Conduct Wide-scale Terrorist Attack

According to the Russian military, Chechen militants and their supporters are carrying out propaganda among the local population urging them to attend a rally in the capital of Grozny on March 21st to protest against the referendum in the republic, the Regional Headquarters on Conducting Counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti.

However, according to reports from the headquarters, terrorists are planning to carry out a wide-scale terrorist attack killing many civilians.

Chechen gang leaders want to shift the responsibility for the attack on the federal forces.

At the same time, despite threats from bandits, a poll carried out in the republic revealed that the majority of the Chechen population backs the referendum, the headquarters stressed.

For instance, a poll carried out at Argun thermoelectric power station 4 showed that 91% of the respondents intended to attend the referendum and vote in favour of the draft constitution no matter what. About 44% of the respondents want to see a Chechen as their President.

Most Argun residents believe the situation in the city has improved as compared to 2001, the headquarters report.