Amy Winehouse Denies Punching Female Fan

Amy Winehouse was "scared" as she was asked to pose for a photograph backstage at a charity event, she told a court Thursday in her assault trial.
The singer – who asked to be addressed by her married name Amy Civil – was happy to pose for the picture for dancer Sherene Flash last September, but said that when she asked for a minute to see a friend off, Flash refused. "She lent down all over me. She had her face down by me," Winehouse told City of Westminster magistrates court, London , People Magazine reports.

However, today in the Westminster Magistrates Court, Winehouse denied that she punched a female fan who wanted a photo back in September, reports.

Meanwhile, troubled British soul singer Amy Winehouse denied accusations in court Thursday that she punched a female fan in the face with 'deliberate and unjustifiable violence' at a charity ball last year.

Giving evidence at her trial before the City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, Winehouse said she pushed the woman, a dancer, away after she had 'drunkenly' put her arm around her and requested a photograph.

Winehouse, 25, said she felt scared and intimidated by the woman, Sherene Flash, after her performance at a ball in a smart London hotel last September , Monsters and reports.