Anonymous: Whether Democrat or Republican, we are all Americans

I am having a hard time finding a nice way to express my feelings about not only the content of the message you sent but also about the place it was posted. However, I will try to convey my concerns without namecalling and without tainting the truth with untruths.

To begin, let me say that it is quite obvious you take your party affiliation first and foremost before your allegiance to the very country that allows the privilege to have such a choice. It disturbs me when I hear people lash out, spewing untruths through clenched teeth, when their agenda is not what they proclaim it to be, but more readily is based on the fact that they feel Gore was robbed of the election. This is an issue that is over and done. Whether you or any other Democrat likes it or not, George Bush is the President of the United States of America....he is the Commander in Chief. You have every right to disagree with any of his policies, whether it be his stand on foreign or domestic issues. However, I and many Americans do not feel that you have the right to tell untruths about him or our government. It gets really tiring hearing the same accusations over and over again.... " a President who cannot speak in more than two syllable words, who cannot read, and who knows nothing about foreign affairs". Obviously, critics feel that they are more educated, more informed, and better equipped to run this country. I for one have to totally disagree. Many of these critics, including Hollywood’s best, have little more than a high school education. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the fact that these people are trying to discredit the "smarts" of someone who obviously is smart enough to get elected to the highest office this country has to offer. He is smart enough to know how to surround himself with experts in all areas of importance. He is smart enough to listen and communicate and do the right thing. He is moral and committed to the United States of America. No he is not an uneducated man......he is a brilliant man.

As far as your reference to the anti-war rallies....where did you get your information?

Our police forces are doing their best to maintain crowd control in an effort to save your neck and the necks of all those who are protesting. While they should be addressing crime in the city, they have to baby sit and remove citizens who infringe on the privileges of other Americans. The Americans who go to work. Yes, the Americans who support our troops and our government. I assume the protesters have no jobs.....otherwise, how could they have time to parade up and down the street or better yet, block the streets with their tied together bodies? These protesters have not been sent to the gas chambers. They have not been tortured. They have not been shot. They have been removed and at times put in jail. How dare you compare our government, our police force, and our governing bodies to the Nazis. And, oh by the way those very Nazis no longer reign or terrorize innocent people anymore. I wonder why? Could it be that someone took a stand, took up arms, WENT TO WAR!

In closing, I think we all should take a long look at ourselves and realize that none of us knows it all. We know what we first hand experience with governmental decisions. That is why we have elected officials. We put our faith and trust in them...

At least that is what we should and are expected to do as Americans. Whether Democrat or Republican, we are all Americans....and President Bush is included in that category. I admire the man and know that you dislike him. What I ask and hope for is that people like yourself can pause and realize that harboring hate and bitterness toward anyone, especially the President of the United States, hurts you and you alone. Take that anger, throw it aside and become productive. Work with this Nation....don't take up arms against it (whether verbally or physically). Challenge yourself to move forward, not backward. If you are unable to fly your flag, feel your heart race with pride as you sing God Bless America, or stand tall in the land of the free and the home of the brave then I pity you. I, like the majority of Americans, am going to relish every day I'm privileged enough to live in this great country. I welcome you to join us. God Bless America!


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