I am Ashamed to Call Myself an American

My name is Michelle Gurrech and at present time I am ashamed to call myself an American. I live in the great state of Texas where my representatives in the national government are Republicans. My voice is not heard, so I am appealing abroad for an audience. I do not support my president’s desire to attack Iraq. I believe that he is using fear to pressure Americans into backing his personal war. Bush and his close supporters have their own personal history with Iraq that has been festering for over a decade. Bush is abusing the powerful position of the United States and blatantly disregarding the will of the world. I salute those leaders who “dare” to stand up to America. I plead with them to continue to confront our bullying ways and not fall victim to pressure and any extortion my misguided leaders may apply. I hope that by knowing there are Americans desperate to stop the current administration from entering into an unjust killing spree that world citizens will shout a little louder to make up for those of us who’s cries fall on deaf ears.

Michelle Gurrech

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