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US business hires lobbyists to lift sanctions

Lift of anti-Russian sanctions which had been imposed by the US and EU given Ukrainian crisis is one of the most pressing problems today. Change of this deadlock situation which damages the American business is being connected with the new US Administration.

The US President has not taken any decision on the subject yet. However, the US companies are actively engaged in the fight for lift of sanctions.

Donald Trump's team comprises utterly pragmatic people, who are connected with the US corporations, in oil and military industrial fields first of all.

Namely this may explain increased activity of the US companies which lobby lift of anti-Russian sanctions in the Congress since Trump's inauguration.

This regime and Russia's responsive measures have seriously affected a range of US companies, according to data of the US Congress Research Service. The ExxonMobil for instance had to freeze its shelf project with the Rosneft, which cost 700m dollars.

Such huge oil service companies as Halliburton and Oilwell Varco noted in their reports that sanctions negatively affected their present and future profits.

The same situation is with famous machine building company John Deere, which has 2 factories in Russia. All in all, the US sanctions against Russia have deprived 12,000 people of their jobs.

In addition to that, restrictions also mean loss of markets and ties in quite high-tech chains.

It refers to aerospace equipment or supply of telecommunication systems, which can be replaced with the Chinese ones.

Business should make money despite any political situation and that is what the US companies want to deal with. Thus, the business representatives are to seriously work with the US Congress. They do not waste time for sure, which is evidenced with data on declassified lobbying information: after January, 20 companies which are ready to pay professional lobbyists for lift of anti-Russian sanctions have become more active.


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