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Russian frontier-guards detain over 48 kilogrammes of heroin at the Tajik-Afghan border

01.07.2002 | Source:



Russian frontier guards have detained a consignment of heroin weighing more than 48 kilogrammes at the Tajik-Afghan border.

As the RIA Novosti correspondent was told in the press centre of the Federal Frontier Service (FPS), on Saturday, in the section of the Moscow frontier detachment at the Tajik-Afghan border, Russian frontier-guards discovered three trespassers going from Afghanistan to Tajikistan.

After the order to stop and warning shots the trespassers hid themselves in the nearby rushy area under the cover of night. When examining the place where the trespassers crossed the border the frontier-guards found packages of a total weight of more than 48 kilogrammes, reported the press centre.

Since the beginning of 2002, only in the section of the Moscow frontier detachment Russian frontier-guards confiscated more than 500 kilogrammes of various illegal drugs.

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