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USS Vella Gulf to enter Black Sea to support of Ukrainian junta

19.05.2014 | Source:




USS Vella Gulf to enter Black Sea to support of Ukrainian junta. 52787.jpeg

Another American vessel, the Vella Gulf, is traveling towards the Black Sea. It is expected that the ship will go through the straits of the Black Sea on May 23. The  cruiser will enter the sea on the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine, scheduled for May 25. American diplomats stressed that the United States "wanted to support the actions of the new Ukrainian authorities" through the presence of US warships in the Black Sea.

The Vella Gulf is armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, ACPOK, and antisubmarine and antiaircraft Standard-2 and Standard-3 missiles. The ship carries the total of 122 missiles on board. The vessel also has two multipurpose helicopters.

In accordance with the Montreux Convention, warships of non-coastal states can not stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days. Thus, in case the Vella Gulf enters the Black Sea on May 23, she will have to leave the region no later than June 13. Noteworthy, American ships have violated the Montreux regime before.

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