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Dull and depressing winter in Moscow continues

04.01.2014 | Source:




Dull and depressing winter in Moscow continues. 51891.jpeg

The weather in Moscow continues to be unusually warm for January. Daytime temperatures remain above zero Centigrade for more than a month already. At night, temperatures in Moscow and the Moscow region go pone or two degrees below zero.

Many Russians, living in Central Russia, spend their New Year holidays without snow, as all the snow in large cities melted completely. Traditional winter entertainment, such as open air skating, skiing, tobogganing, is impossible. Many people find the current winter in Russia extremely dull and depressing.

On Christmas Day, which the Orthodox world celebrates on January 7, the weather will be unusually warm too. Meteorologists forecast from zero to plus five degrees Centigrade. Daytime temperatures will thus be close to record highs.

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